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Website Maintenance for A.S.A.P Restoration, Inc

A.S.A.P Restoration, Inc, based in NY Metro Area, gave me a call on Friday about doing some maintenance on there site of Copying the site to then move it to a new domain name since the person didn’t have direct access to the server to just simply connect to the server and then download the content, to then upload it to the new server / domain name, all because the former Web Developer flaked out on them, and I believe got in touch with me from one of my ad’s on Craigslist.

Just got done with it a few hours ago. Project involved, of copying the site files while the site is online, where it was developed in .PHP originally and to make it where the pages end in .HTML format. That part took several hours. Of course during the course of the project I stumbled upon a few errors which I fixed. One of them being the TITLE tag, META tag KEYWORDS & DESCRIPTIONS, all that content filled out was all the same on every page, not exactly something you want to have for a site. Once I got done with fixing the site, to get it ready to be attached to this new domain name, I then had to clean out the Server, and upload all the new material….. and….. well this is the end result…..

” Jonathan was helpful from day one understanding the exact needs to make this job the right way. Fair pricing and the most reliable super fast service, knows how to locate and solve problems and will never hesitate to walk an extra mile to make things happen. Very Highly Recommended! ”
A.S.A.P Restoration, Inc.
Ronnie Gal

Ghost Town Poker Run Trophy

The flyer and poster I designed for the Ghost Town Poker Run Event, they used that within the trophy columns….