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Ghost Town Poker Run & Car Show Flyer Responce

I recently heard from the owner of Gifts For Warriors; Greg Goodnight, that the 2 flyers I designed for his events are going over really well, so well in fact that for the Ghost Town Poker Run flyer, he’s had to order more printed. Also he told me that when he was at the Pioneer Saloon, that 2 customers went up to the counter and asked how much the flyer for the Ghost Town Poker Run was. Apparently people are even trying to buy the flyer. It seems the map on the flyer is what is getting all the attention to this flyer. As for the Car, Bike, & Truck show flyer I designed, that is getting a good response also. People are asking if the “girls” I put on the flyer are going to be at the event.

I would like to personally thank Jonathan for the graphic design work you performed for our next two upcoming events, they were spectacular. The one for the Are You Tough Enough? Ghost Town Poker Run was so very well put together that people are taking them for souvenirs faster than we can get new ones back up, you really went way beyond our expectations on both of them. And the preview of the re-design of our new web site you showed me today is just as amazing. I want to thank you again, this means so much to all of us in the organization because it will help us to do more for the service men and women of our military serving over seas and for their children here at home while they are away. Keep up the great work and I will send you everyone I can for graphics work, I went through a few but you are the best and the man I will be sticking with permanently.

Greg Goodnight
Executive Director
Gifts For Warriors, Inc.