Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team New Website!

You heard right! The Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team that is currently on NBS’s show America’s Got Talent has a new website. Considering that I only had about 2 weeks to get this site done before they appear live on this Tuesday (September 3, 2013) for the Semi Finials on the show, the site didn’t come out all bad looking… If anything it came out totally awesome! The site was originally designed in .asp format, and I took it and turned it around and made it into a WordPress site.

This is the first time that I’ve actually built a full on WordPress website. Lets just say it wasn’t easy at times, but I managed like always. I generally design in what is called .HTML / CSS / JavaScript based sites, thats my specialty. However I do know how to read .php scripting and up until now didn’t exactly know how to really write it…. but now I do!


So here it is the Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Teams New Website.

Now that I know how to really work with WordPress, and build a site out of it, anyone that needs a dynamic based site, this is a good platform to use, not just used for Blogging. When I get a chance I plan on creating some blog posts here about some customization coding to use within WordPress.