How to choose the best domain name for your website?

domain nameAre you in the market for a domain name, but don’t know the best approach of getting the right domain name for your website? Within this article are several tips, and perhaps answers you may have about choosing the best domain name for your website.

The best way to choose a domain name for your website is to use at least two keywords that will represent what your website is all about. Besides just using keywords, it’s also best to keep your domain name short and simple for people to remember your domain name better. Sometimes it’s also best to include the location of your company within your domain name, by using the city and state or using your state name, which includes the abbreviation of your state.


If I have a painting company, and I wanted a website for people to hire me as a contractor to paint there house, the keywords that I would choose for this would be the following…

  • House painter
  • Painting contractor
  • Los Angeles (name of city)
  • CA (state abbreviation)

Now I wouldn’t be using all these words within my domain name, I would combine only a few of them, for example…


By combining such keywords for a domain name, the reason behind this method is because anyone that were to type into Google or Yahoo search engines in looking for a painting contractor, the search engines will pick up on these keywords because they are within a domain name. Any of these words would be BOLD or highlighted within your search results list, of domain names using these keywords.

Another approach to choosing your domain name is, not to actually call it the same as what your company name is. Your domain name can be different from what the actual name of your company is. Some people may disagree with me on this, but yet it all comes down to one thing, and that is driving traffic to your website.


Say the name of your company is John Painting Inc. and you buy the domain name of Unfortunately NO ONE will ever find this on a search engine list, since there is only one relevant keyword within the domain name which is “painting“, and who the heck is going to type in the word JOHN with PAINTING, answer is NO ONE. So then you’re forced to spend a ton of money on advertising, just to get people to go to your website.

If some how you are already experiencing this issue, then the next tip will solve your problem, of driving more traffic to your website, without having to spend an arm or a leg within advertising.

Here is the last tip, even if you already have a website, where you are gaining business, or not, but would like more traffic to your website, you can also purchase additional domain names, with relevant keywords to them, that people would put into a search engine, and make that domain name, what is called a Forwarding Domain Name, to your actual website.

Example of using a Forwarding Domain Name…

Say I have an already existing website with the domain name of, and I want more traffic to this site. I can purchase say “”, and make this a forwarding domain name to my existing website of

Domain Name FAQ’s

Q – What Is A Good Company To Buy My Domain Name At?
A – The best place to purchase a domain name is threw

Q – How Long Do I Have My Domain Name For?
A – That depends upon when you purchase the domain name, you can buy it anywhere from 2 years to start with, to even 5-10 years in advance.

Q – How Do I Know If The Domain Name I Want Is Not Already Taken?
A – You can go to any website, such as to just look up the domain name to see if it’s available or if it’s already been taken.

If the domain name you want is already taken, you can then just type in that same domain name into your web browser, and to check out to see if there is a website already attached to the domain name. IF there is NO website, then the owner of the domain name only purchased it, in order to sell it to someone else, such as you.

Q – How Do I Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name That Isn’t Doing Anything With It, And I Want To Use It?
A – You can look up who owns the domain name by going to Just type in the domain name with the extension, [.COM, .NET, .US, etc..] and click on the GO button. The next page will give you the results of Who Owns that domain name, and any contact information.

Q – What Are Some Things That I Should Not Include With My Domain Name?
A – What not to include with a domain name are the following….

  1. Stay away from using “-” (dashes) to separate words.
  2. Stay away from abbreviating your company name or the name of your website.
    If the domain name you want to use is already taken, and being used towards another website, you can still use that name within your logo, or on your website, but as for the domain name, just choose relevant keywords to get people to your website.
  3. Stay away from using certain words such as SEXY, or HOT, etc… you’re website will then end up being listed with porn sites within a search result.
  4. Stay away from using other words such as WITHIN, BUT, OR, etc…
  5. Avoid using words that are generally difficult for people to spell, or words that sound the same, but are spelled different from one another.

Hope this information helps anyone out as to figuring out on the best way to obtain your domain name either for yourself or for your business. If you need help or your thinking of getting a domain name but still unsure on what is best to use, please by all means contact me, or leave your response below and I’ll be glad to help you out.